Since its foundation, Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo has always been up to date to guarantee its customers the best services on the market

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L'azienda Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali: History ErreDue

Established in 1971 by the brothers Luciano and Massimo, Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo initially developed its activity in the industrial, electrical and electronic sector. They later extended their operation in the Industrial Automation sector.
Technology, research and innovation have always been the "creed" of this company, which boasts highly qualified personnel such as engineers and specialized technicians who put their knowledge at the customer's disposal.

The company, located on a surface of about 1400 square meters, has a partly automated warehouse where spare parts are ready to respond quickly to customer needs.
An assistance and remote assistance office guarantees the shortest time to an intervention in Italy and abroad.
Customer satisfaction is a fundamental objective for the company.


Always closely connected to the textile district of Prato, we provide assistance on machines for woolen mills and fabric finishing , steamers, dyeing machines, spinning mills, looms, jacquards and digital printing. The reference markets of Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo are currently: Italy, Europe, North and South America, Russia, China. The collaboration with important partners means that our proposal is made from the highest quality materials, with high technology and innovation.

Thanks to the experience acquired and the technological development achieved in these years, as well as to its professionalism, Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo is now not only a valid partner for manufacturers and machinery manufacturers, but also for end customers in the most varied fields of use.

Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo boasts highly qualified personnel for research, design and software development, construction of automation equipment, electronic boards and installation of electrical systems, data transmission, video surveillance, remote management, intrusion detection.

L'azienda Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali


The continuous experience in the field of automatic warehouses has led to the foundation of EFFERRE automazioni who concentrates his skills in creating and support an automated warehouse.


Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali: EffErrE Automazioni