We offer continuous integration between each of our services

Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali: Integrazione

We offer our services to machine builders and end customers at 360 °

We support manufacturers in the choice of sensors, in the sizing of motors, and we produce for them an electrical panel, software and commissioning. In the post-sales phase we guarantee continuous remote or on-site assistance.

We support our end customers in the diagnostics and repair of industrial machinery and electrical systems. We are also able to supply distribution boards, medium voltage cabins, electrical systems and machinery rewamping. We provide our customers with supervision tools for the entire production plant to control productivity, costs and downtime.



Thanks to our knowledge of electrical systems and industrial automation we are able to guarantee assistance to our customers even on machines not developed by our team, trying to minimize the downtime and the cost derived from it. We have a laboratory for repairing electronic boards using precision instruments. In our warehouse there are always spare parts ready for every need able to guarantee an immediate solution to any kind of problem.

Servizi dell'azienda Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo: Assistenza
Servizi dell'azienda Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali: PLC_WIRING_2


We develop software for PLC, HMI and motion control on the devices of the main industrial automation brands. We assist our customers in choosing the components to be installed on the machine, we design and build the electrical panels internally, thus having complete communication and integration between the development and construction team. Quality and attention to detail have always been part of our belief. Over the years we have developed expertise in various fields including the world of fabric, automated warehouses, yarn, non-woven fabric, mattresses, shipbuilding, military, aeronautics.

Electrical systems

We produce low voltage electrical systems including distribution cabinets and after-sales maintenance. Among our typical installations we offer lighting systems, connection of industrial machinery, network systems and office distribution. We build medium voltage systems starting from the design of the electrical substation, to the supply of the transformer and the general electric cabinet.

Servizi dell'azienda Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali: DISTRIBUZIONE
Servizi dell'azienda Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo: Revamping


Automation has undergone a great evolution in recent years and we firmly believe that we can give a new life to every machine. Our rewamping interventions aim to increase safety, diagnostics, productivity and machine control, all from the point of view of Industry 4.0. We make each machine interconnected on the network and able to collect data to be analyzed at management level to evaluate performance and costs.


Ridolfi Luciano & Massimo - Automazioni Industriali: industria 4.0

We provide production monitoring services, energy consumption, and machine downtime. The generated data is exported to spreadsheets for in-depth data analysis. These systems are interfaced to internet via wired and non-wired connections so that the data is always at hand, even remotely.

Applying this type of control proves to be a winning strategy for optimizing the production processes within a company, rather than a continuous traceability of the data and the possibility of foreseeing maintenance before the failure occurs.